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What would a virtual screening with panel discussion look like? Here's a 90-second highlight video of a virtual event. To see the full 73 min recording of the event (without the film) click HERE.

What is the personal story behind the short film, A Night In Jail? This 3-minute NBCLA interview delves into Kirk's journey and the reason he wants to share his experiences.

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Whether your screening is virtual or local, in the classroom, campus, or in your community, A Night In Jail is an innovative approach to raise awareness about the relationship between marijuana and mental illness.

This edgy film was directed by a high school Junior. Click here to read about the making of the film.

To read a high school student-written review of the short film click here.

A screening includes an 18-minute short film and Toolkit discussion materials.

If you are interested in a full presentation package, which includes a post-screening Q & A with the authors and an expert (psychiatrist or schizophrenia researcher), either in person or via Skype, please note that when you contact Heidi.

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A Night In Jail Danny
A Night In Jail Captain
A Night In Jail Danny on Cell Floor


“I believe that everyone should see this film…it really opened my eyes and made me think.”
— High School Student from Redondo Beach

"Nahlinder is able to share his unique perspective as a teen filmmaker with a film that is first and foremost about teens and the effects of the decisions they make…Tobis’ acting is one of the film’s great strengths and another reason why the film resonates so deeply with its audience."

— Mira Costa High School's La Vista

"As a highschooler, drugs are not scarce. Peer pressure and other stressors push the thought of using drugs to be a more common action than an idea. A Night In Jail was a powerful reminder about drugs and their negative outcomes. I loved the surprise twist at the end…This concept was very riveting and new."

— Ona S.

"Wow, this is pretty relevant.' I feel the message is pretty important that people understand their actions have consequences even if they're just in high school."

— High School Student from Manhattan Beach

About A Night In Jail Toolkit:

In today's era of increasing legalization, what questions would teenagers ask after seeing this film? What would their parents ask?  I enlisted the help of renowned schizophrenia researcher,  Dr. Christine Miller (click here to see bio), and, together, we wrote Q & A's relevant to Americans today. Referencing the story when appropriate, our frank answers include the latest science with the most up-to-date citations.

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Sample of a comment with (partial) answer:

"I did it when I was young and I’m fine."

It’s very common for parents to assume marijuana is much the same as it was for them. This is not true: marijuana potency has risen greatly in the last 25 years. Because of this, the risks are exponentially higher.

A Night In Jail depicts the story of a person who is sensitive to the negative effects of low potency marijuana, at about 5% THC. Although we don’t know ahead of time who will suffer negative effects on low-to-moderate doses of THC, studies show about 12-15% of users will have a psychotic experience.

However, today’s marijuana is much stronger. Because of this, more people are at risk to experience psychosis and schizophrenia. So much so, the high potency products have raised the risk for a psychotic experience by 4 – 5 times that of nonusers.[1]


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