Drug Abuse Prevention Theatrical Performance

A Night In Jail is a One-Act Drama with a very simple set design. There are two adaptations of this gripping play: 75-minute Full Length or 15-minute Short Version. Click on each one to read more.

Whichever adaptation you choose, it is strongly suggested there be a scientifically-based discussion following the production. Please download the free Educational Toolkit.

This was a staged reading of the Full-Length Version of A Night In Jail. The house was packed and we ended with a standing ovation. If you don't have time to put on a full production, a staged reading of either version of the play is an impactful choice.

Staged Reading of A Night In Jail
Staged Reading of A Night In Jail

This is a compelling six-minute video of scenes from the Full-Length Play. See how easily a theatrical group can produce this character-driven piece in an era of Social Distancing.