Drug Abuse Prevention Theatrical Performance

A Night In Jail is a One-Act Drama, roughly 75 min. It has a cast with a minimum of 3 Men, 1 Woman (with 1 man and 1 woman playing several roles).  An engrossing theatrical experience for teens and young adults today.

With a full production or staged reading, it is strongly suggested there be a discussion about the current research following a production. Click on the free educational Toolkit below to download a scientifically-based Q & A.

Staged Reading of A Night In Jail
Staged reading of A Night In Jail


“I was privileged to attend a staged reading by four phenomenal actors in LA. Without any stage props and without any physical action, the tightly crafted dialogue between the cast was timed so perfectly that it brought frequent laughs, the occasional gasp, and a standing ovation at the end. The play version is a must see if it runs as a full production near you. Even if performed by a high school theater troupe it would be hard to miss the mark.”
— Chris (review on Amazon)

“This is an extremely well written and riveting play which presents a real life story of mental illness and addiction. The character development, dialogue, and raw emotion are powerfully created. This play is perfect for a presentation in your community or school.”
— Greenmountain Cat (review on Amazon)