Marijuana Harmless? think Again

I am very excited to be speaking about the link between marijuana and mental illness for http://www.matforce.org/, the top provider of prevention education and recovery support in Yavapai County in Arizona. Originally, I was introduced to them by my good friend, Sally Schindel. Sally has worked with them for years. I am very fortunate to have…

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Stoned man sitting in park with sign: need weed, cash, food, and beer

The first time I became aware of Ann Moss Rogers was when she presented on http://www.JohnnysAmbassadors.org. Like Laura Stack, Ann Moss had a wonderful son, Charles, who suffered from addiction and died by suicide. Her work as an author and speaker is painfully honest and raw. Check out her speaking page and her books. It is…

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This Initiative Is Not About Access

Easy Reader News

Thanks to Easy Reader News for quoting me. “Heidi Swan told the council, ‘The city of Hermosa Beach is 1.4 square miles, so it’s a very short drive if you want to go outside our city to get products. Obviously, this initiative is not about access. There are many of us who feel there is…

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We Did Not Vote to Legalize Dabbing

Stack of papers with title "We Get Letters"

Most people don’t even know what dabbing is. But it is very popular with youth–and it is dangerous. It is surprising when people assume this is the old marijuana. Youth have an increase of severe dependency on these products. To protect our kids we have to be sure everyone understands the ultra-high potency products available…

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Letter to the Editor

The Beach Reporter - We Get Letters

Redondo Union High School had a great newspaper edition which focused on the pros & cons of marijuana use. This is my letter to the editorial staff. Click on the image above to see the full article!

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