A Cautionary Tale about Teen Marijuana Use


The audiobook is brought to life by the globally beloved VO actor, Quinton Flynn (click here to listen to a sample). He is known for his roles as Axel/Lea from the Kingdom Hearts game series, along with Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2, 4 and Rising Revengeance (for which he received a Best Actor Award). Click here to see photos of those characters and others he has voiced. A Night In Jail audiobook was recorded at Waterfront Sound.

"The narration is excellently done by Quinton Flynn, well known for his video game and anime voice over roles such as Axel and Raiden. His voice work is very lively and immersive here and really draws you in, and as such, I highly recommend this audiobook for a listen, especially for young adolescents and young adults to understand the issues of mental health and young age drug abuse."

— Anonymous (review on Audible)

"This audio book was very shocking and entertaining. The narration by Quintin Flynn was excellent! I loved the perspective of Danny figuring our how to manipulate his parents."

— Aubree Adams (review on Audible)”

"As someone who has suffered from both mental illness and substance abuse, this story really hits home for me. The hours flew by as I listened to this tale, as if experiencing it firsthand. The narration is fascinating and stirring at times. It completely brings the characters to life in amazing detail. I was immersed from start to finish."

— K. Rose (review on Amazon)


"A Night in Jail is an inspired and honest attempt to warn young people and should be available in all school libraries. It is the reality of addiction that young people should be shown."

— Grainne Kenny (Former Drugs Strategy Advisor - Belfast City Hall)

"This is a short, powerful book, only 110 pages, but it will punch you in the gut, leave you reeling, and you will not soon forget it!... The ending of this book is so unexpected and mind-blowing, that I still can’t get it out of my head!! It is based on true events, and is a must-read for everyone!!"

— Joyce Bender from “My Best Book Picks of 2018”

"The story of her well-educated brother turned incarcerated drug dealer with mental illness is so well-written, engrossing, easy to read, as it is heartbreaking."

— Marian Katsionis (former professor, USC)

"As a parent of a homeless 24-year-old who was diagnosed at 18 with schizophrenia, who’s been in jail once and hospitalized more than 7 times, this book gives a short and accurate glimpse into the head, and a few hours of daily life for someone living with this condition."

— Amazon Customer (review on Amazon)

"As a previous h.s. teacher who heard the students speak about the coolness of their casual drug use, I often wondered about the ones who were daily users. I learned that three of my favorites died in either drug-related car accidents or suicide. I believe this book could have provided critical insight that may have saved them."

— Ernie Torres, former high school teacher (review on Amazon)

“...A great portrayal of the stages of addiction and mental illness...the descriptions...are so vivid...”

— Christine L. Miller, Ph.D., molecular neuroscientist and schizophrenia researcher

"As a volunteer with a local police department for 4 years I had many opportunities to view homeless, and drug addicts…hopefully, enough people read this book and a conversation begins about how to get help…Every kid in high school should read this book!"

— WMD (review on Amazon)

"The novella is complex, the subject thought-provoking, and throughout the story, you really aren't sure who the protagonist is. Ms. Swan's writing has nuances of Dickens' A Christmas Carol and reads smoothly and quickly. Spare an afternoon for A Night in Jail and you will not be disappointed."

— Ruby (review on Amazon)

Heidi A. Swan, co-author of A Night In Jail, describes the inspiration for the writing of the novella and their approach to the material.
Interviewer: Florentina Alden, CEO of Wellness of Leadership Consulting.

Quinton Flynn

Shapeshifting actor, Quinton Flynn, is known for voicing many famous characters. See below for the full set he has voiced.

Some of his most well-known work includes: Silver The Hedgehog in the Sonic game series and as Dr. Krankcase in Skylanders: Trap Team. Quinton also lends his vocal gymnastics to Star Wars: The Old Republic, Avatar The Last Airbender, Crash Bandicoot, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft, Batman Arkham City OriginsLord Of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean.

See Quinon's twisted Irish hit man, Sir Henry Cooldown, in No More Heroes 1 & 2 who reappears in the 3rd installment (2020).
Quinton Flynn headshot
Quinton Flynn