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Quinton Flynn and Julian in Recording Studio

Quinton Flynn is the Voice for the New Audiobook

By Heidi Swan | January 28, 2019

The voice of: “Axel/Lea” from Kingdom Hearts Series, “Raiden” from Metal Gear Series, “Iruka Sensai” from Naruto! Quinton Flynn, brings his voice over talents to A NIGHT IN JAIL, breathing life into all of the characters. His performance takes alternating hair turns of funny and frightening. Quinton is an old friend of mine from many…

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Redondo Union TV

Making the Grade on Redondo Union TV

By Heidi Swan | January 21, 2019

One of our local high schools, REDONDO UNION, did this terrific interview with me about our staged reading of A Night In Jail (the interview starts 5.5 minutes into the video). Getting this book in the hands of teenagers has been a major goal of ours so this is an important step in that direction.…

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A Night In Jail Panel discussion

Staged Reading of A Night In Jail a Smashing Success!

By Heidi Swan | January 18, 2019

The staged reading went so well the actors received a standing ovation! They gave it their ALL. Stephen Lang gave a performance which was painstakingly real–almost too painful to watch while still landing the punch lines. Jamie Landau was the perfect Danny: scared, smug and sarcastic. Karen  Gregan read the stage directions like a pro.…

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Staged Reading of A Night Iin Jail

Stars of AVATAR in staged reading of A NIGHT IN JAIL

By Heidi Swan | October 27, 2018

The amazing actors of the film, Avatar, Stephen Lang and Jamie Landau, starred in a reading of an adaptation of A Night In Jail. Other stars included Cooper Ramsey, Karen Gregan, and Jessica Moss. What a terrific cast! After the reading, we had a panel to discuss the association between teen marijuana use and schizophrenia…

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Underrated Reads

Author Interview From Underrated Reads

By Heidi Swan | June 16, 2018

“After reading A Night in Jail, a riveting story based on true events, I just had to learn more about the inspiration for the book and the topic in general.” J.D. Jung from Underrated Reads recently posted this interview with me. Underrated Reads has been so supportive of our novella and it has greatly helped…

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Underrated Reads

Four Bookmarks On Underrated Reads!

By Heidi Swan | February 22, 2018

“One day, marijuana is going to be legalized and this ‘punishment’ will all be for nothing.” Grateful to receive this rating from the terrific book review site–Underrated Reads! At Underrated Reads, they seek out “literary gems” that don’t have the same exposure as books which are traditionally published. We really appreciate this kind review! A…

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The Marijuana Report

Honored To Be Mentioned In This Newsletter!

By Heidi Swan | February 8, 2018

“This is a heart-breaking account of what families go through when a member becomes addicted and is unable to see that he or she needs help to enter recovery.” To see The Marijuana Report newsletter with the article reprinted, click HERE (scroll down, it’s the third article). * The Marijuana Report is a weekly e-newsletter…

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A NIGHT IN JAIL A SHORT FILM has been made an Official Selection at the Hollyshorts Film Festival. This festival is held at the famous TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. We are thrilled! Thank you Hollyshorts!