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Teen discussing peer pressure influence on marijuana use

Teen Discussion About The Effects of THC Normalization

By Heidi Swan | May 12, 2021

In preparation for the 2nd Annual Teaching Cannabis Awareness & Prevention Workshop (co-chaired by Dr. Bonnie Halpern of Stanford), I produced a highlight video of improvisational exercises with teen actors. These were based on themes from A Night In Jail. Following the exercises, we had a discussion. This video is a slightly longer version of the discussion highlights.…

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Child's face smiling

NAMI-Solano County: My Presentation

By Heidi Swan | January 26, 2021

It has always been a strong desire to share our message with NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness). We must do everything in our power to teach our youth how to protect their brains so they have the best chance at a lifetime of mental wellness. Thank you to Hazel Bright, the President of…

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What Teen Athletes Need to Know About Drugs

By Heidi Swan | December 14, 2020

This is an 80-second highlight video of a groundbreaking webinar for teen athletes. In it, see speakers from professional sports discuss the truth about drugs and athletic performance. Keynote Speaker- Darren Prince, a celebrity and sports agent, Dr. Ken Finn and Dr. Stephen Taylor of the NBA. Cosponsored by Behavioral Health Services (a contractor for…

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Dr Christine Miller

Honored to Have Dr. Christine L. Miller as Science Advisor

By Heidi Swan | March 31, 2020

Dr. Christine Miller has been our supporter from the very beginning. She has greatly honored us by advising us with our new Toolkit (education materials). Dr. Miller received her B.S. degree in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the Neuroscience Training Program at the University of Colorado Health…

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NBCLA TV Interview

Our First TV Interview: NBCLA!

By Heidi Swan | January 16, 2020

Kirk and I were so glad when NBCLA wanted to do a segment about our short film which screened at an event by an organization called Manhattan Beach Safe that helps unsheltered people. NBCLA has an ongoing series about the homeless crisis called Streets of Shame. The concern of NBCLA for the people who are…

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Redondo Beach Youth Commission

Redondo Beach Youth Commission Presentation

By Heidi Swan | January 16, 2020

Great meeting where I spoke to the mayor of Redondo Beach and The Redondo Beach Youth Commission. I told them how Russians own the largest medical marijuana company in America (Curaleaf), how Big Tobacco is invested in Big Marijuana and all about the mental health risks associated with pot use.

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Heidi Swan and Ethan Nahlinder

Awesome Premiere At Sunscreen Film Festival West!

By Heidi Swan | October 26, 2019

It was so great to have our student-led short film premiere at a local festival here in Hermosa Beach. Our screening had a great turnout and the response from the audience was quite favorable. It was exciting for all of us in the cast and crew to see it on a big screen. Onward!

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Sunscreen Film Festival West Logo

Short Film Of A Night In Jail Premiere!

By Heidi Swan | October 1, 2019

Very excited to say we’ve been accepted to our first film festival! We will be with a block of shorts on Saturday, October 19 at 2 PM. Ethan and I and our cast and crew are so grateful for all the local support we have received–and it doesn’t get more local than a cool film…

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Parent Pump Radio Podcast with Heidi Swan

Parenting Podcast Interview

By Heidi Swan | October 1, 2019

My good friend (and big supporter), Jacqueline T.D. Huynh, has this great podcast where she talks about all issues related to parenting. One of her big messages is building wealth, not just money, through the generations. Fun chat. A lot of the presentation I gave at the ASAP conference is in this podcast.

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A NIGHT IN JAIL A SHORT FILM has been made an Official Selection at the Hollyshorts Film Festival. This festival is held at the famous TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. We are thrilled! Thank you Hollyshorts!