Press Conference in Seattle, Washington

Washington State Representative Lauren Davis and Heidi Swan at THC Press Conference

Washington State Representative Lauren Davis is a champion fighting for regulations on today’s high-potency THC products.  Recently, Representative Davis introduced two bills. The bills were recommendations, found in this report from scientists and researchers from Addictions, Drug and Alcohol Institute, the University of Washington and Washington State University. I was invited to participate in a…

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Redondo Union High School Career Day

Redondo Union High School Career Day 2023

Melissa Staab is the wonderful Drama teacher at Redondo Union High School. My son took Ms. Staab’s Beginning Acting Class and loved it. l was quite honored to be invited to speak for their Career Day. It gave me an opportunity to trace my journey from being a Drama Major at the University of Washington…

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Heidi had a great opportunity to speak on Dr. Phil!

Dr. Phil show audience members

Some viewers of Dr. Phil may want to hear more about what I said on the episode about marijuana legalization. Thank you for checking in! I am so grateful to Dr. Phil and the show’s producers for the privilege of being in the studio audience of this show. This post is for you. In this…

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13 Months of Measure M

Vote No on Measure M

Over the last 13 months, I have been deeply involved with fighting a cannabis business from overturning the ban on pot shops in the city where I live, Hermosa Beach, California. 13 months ago, I was utterly overwhelmed. All I knew was how bad this would be for the youth in my community. And how…

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Legal Retail Pot Coming to Your Town? What Can You Do?

Scott Chipman from Americans Against the Legalization of Marijuana, or AALM, and I did a workshop together. We presented the data showing an increase in youth use when a local jurisdiction allows legal marijuana retail. Scott gave a history of legal marijuana in California. Then I went on to talk about what can be done…

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