High Truths on Drugs and Addiction: The Bryn Spejcher Trial

Dr Roneet Lev on High Truths

We hear marijuana is a wellness product. It’s a plant, so there’s no need to put warning labels on it. But when something goes horrifically wrong, fingers are pointed and it’s said, “You should have known it could cause psychosis and violence!” What? Listen to this high-level discussion on High Truths with me and Dr.…

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60-second Video On California Insider Show!

Fingers pinching a capsul containing psychoactive substance

It’s so great to see this short video with me was kept, even as California Insider changed its name to California Insider Show. The video describes the increase in THC potency and addiction. The short video was taken from a longer interview with California Insider in May 2023. To see that interview go here: Epoch…

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Speaking For Stanford Medicine’s Reach Lab 2024

Stanford 2024 Conference Flyer

I am so grateful to say I will be presenting for Stanford REACH Lab again this year. I will be speaking with my friend, Dr. Christy Brown. We will discuss the Cannabis-Induced Psychosis -Bryn Spejcher Involuntary Manslaughter trial. We’ll show how public health professionals can educate their communities to protect them from the harms of THC. Christy…

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Historic Cannabis-Induced Psychosis Involuntary Manslaughter Trial

Bryn Spejcher Trial

Bryn Spejcher was recently found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.  Experts from both the prosecution and defense determined she was in acute psychosis from her use of THC. While psychotic she killed her date, Chad O’Melia, who gave her the drug. The jury decided she should have known THC could make her psychotic & violent. I…

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My Statement Aired on 3 California TV Networks! 

Heidi Swan on KTLA News

(I was in a press conference against SB58 to legalize psychedelics) There was a press conference to urge Governor Gavin Newsom to veto a bill that would legalize psychedelics in California. Frank Lee, a powerhouse leader against drugs, asked me at the last minute to speak on behalf of my good friends from Moms Strong. I am…

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Presentation for Rotary in Fairfield-Suisun

Bart Bright Presenting A Night In Jail at Rotary Club

Pictured above is my good friend and fellow advocate in drug prevention, Bart Bright. He’s holding A Night In Jail. Bart kindly introduced me to the new Rotary Club he joined in California. It’s the Fairfield Suisun chapter. When the meeting began, they spoke about their work to help people living without shelter in their community.…

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