Why I Wrote Potency Caps Are Needed to Protect Kids

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Washington State Representative, Lauren Davis, has tried two times to put potency caps on THC products. Several other states have made efforts, as well. Colorado’s legislature, for example, heard countless hours of testimony from teens, parents, and educators/caregivers about the mental and physical harms of ultra-high potency THC products. Still, the industry has very few…

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My Interview with Fox.com Described as a Hit Piece

Ganjapreneur Article "Mainstream Outlets Present One-Sided Coverage of Schizophrenia & Cannabis Use"

It’s nice to see a couple of months after my interview with Fox.com was published, it’s still being talked about. However, the author misunderstood my comments about chamomile tea. My meaning is that lawmakers act as though marijuana has the same side effects as chamomile tea. Not that they would regulate it in the same…

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Why Aren’t Our Lawmakers Being Honest About THC Risks?

Heidi Swan And Chuck Schumer

A friend of mine sent me this screenshot. It made me laugh. I never would have imagined I’d be juxtaposed with Senator Schumer–ever. What an honor. That said, the topic is not funny and I demand our lawmakers stop making light of legalization. Whatever position a person has on it, the truth about the effects…

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Science About THC and Opioid Misuse

Chart showing predictors of youth opioid misuse

One way to fight our opioid epidemic is to prevent marijuana use, especially in teens. How can this be? What do THC products have to do with opioid abuse? Aren’t they separate drugs? And wasn’t marijuana supposed to help our opioid crisis? The latest science shows how marijuana use actually conributes to our opioid crisis.…

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Dr. Stephen Taylor’s Presentation from “What Teen Athletes Need To Know About Drugs”

Cosponsored by Behavioral Health Services and Heidi A. Swan, co-author of  A Night In Jail : a story about drugs and mental illness. A Night In Jail is the first, and only, fictional story which illustrates Cannabis – Induced Psychosis (a diagnosis in the DSM-5) A large percentage of our youth today think some drugs are harmless and “healthy.” Some even claim…

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Teen Discussion About The Effects of THC Normalization

Teen discussing peer pressure influence on marijuana use

In preparation for the 2nd Annual Teaching Cannabis Awareness & Prevention Workshop (co-chaired by Dr. Bonnie Halpern of Stanford), I produced a highlight video of improvisational exercises with teen actors. These were based on themes from A Night In Jail. Following the exercises, we had a discussion. This video is a slightly longer version of the discussion highlights.…

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