Speaking for NAMI California 2023 Conference!

I have wanted to speak for the annual NAMI California conference for a couple of years. My good friends, Bart and Hazel Bright encouraged me to put together a proposal. They gave very helpful suggestions and I had enough good sense to listen to them. The presentation is called Educating About Substance-Induced Psychosis with Storytelling and Drama Therapy.

I will discuss our own family’s history of serious mental illness. Then I will describe how we must protect everyone with a predisposition by telling them that some substances can have permanent consequences. How do we know who is predisposed? We don’t! So that means we have to tell everyone. Included, will be a media presentation showing the teen-led short film A Night In Jail along with clips from the play and improvisational exercises based on the story. For more information about the conference, please go here: https://namica.org/events/nami-california-conference-2023/