Upcoming Speaking Engagements About Our Victory with Measure M!

Carolyn Petty and Heidi Swan Measure M Victory

This is me with Carolyn Petty, former Councilmember and Mayor of Hermosa Beach. The two of us worked very closely for over a year. We were an unbeatable team: I knew all the data about the harms of THC (to humans and to a community) and she knew how to run a campaign. The photo was taken moments after we discovered we defeated Measure M in Hermosa Beach– with 72% of the electorate voting NO!! I was crying. I did a lot of crying in the 15 months leading up to the vote because I didn’t know if our tiny beach town could stand up to the rich pot companies. But Carolyn plotted out our steps and led the way to victory. We will be telling our story on April 27th as a presentation for the Teaching Cannabis Awareness and Prevention Virtual Conference (hosted by Stanford Medicine) and again on We the People Radio on April 30th. We want to tell others how we fought off a greedy industry that wanted to change our zoning laws so they could profit by addicting the people living in and visiting our family-centered community.