Redondo Union High School Career Day

Redondo Union High School Career Day 2023

Melissa Staab is the wonderful Drama teacher at Redondo Union High School. My son took Ms. Staab’s Beginning Acting Class and loved it. l was quite honored to be invited to speak for their Career Day. It gave me an opportunity to trace my journey from being a Drama Major at the University of Washington to producing artistic work about THC products that educates, informs, and entertains viewers. In my presentation, we had a screening of the teen-led short film, A Night In Jail. I am pleased to say the response was positive.

Afterward, we had a great discussion. Teenagers are my favorite group to engage and this one was exceptional. We had a lively Q&A about everything from how auditions have changed since I left the business, how Voice Over work has advanced, and some creative methods I use in writing. Most of all, I wanted to let them know that studying drama and writing will help them in any path they choose because they are learning to be creative, express themselves, and connect to others. What a wonderful time. Thank you to this intelligent class and of course, to Melissa Staab.