Press Conference in Seattle, Washington

Washington State Representative Lauren Davis and Heidi Swan at THC Press Conference

Washington State Representative Lauren Davis is a champion fighting for regulations on today’s high-potency THC products.  Recently, Representative Davis introduced two bills. The bills were recommendations, found in this report from scientists and researchers from Addictions, Drug and Alcohol Institute, the University of Washington and Washington State University. I was invited to participate in a press conference to speak about how our family was harmed by THC.  The photo above is a screengrab from a local news station that covered the press conference. I am seated behind Representative Davis. It’s a thrill for me to be involved in any way with this effort. My family is from Washington and A Night In Jail is set in Seattle, Bellevue, and inside the King County Jail. I have been a supporter of her work since 2021. Please see this Letter to the Editor I wrote for The Herald.Net in support of Representative Davis: Why I Wrote Potency Caps Are Needed to Protect Kids – A Night In Jail