THC – The Human Consequences

This edgy 3-minute video was co-produced by and myself. Our purpose is to show how the industry and our lawmakers are not discussing the public health consequences. We interviewed some fantastic youth: Roxy, Jake, Kayan. There were several movers and shakers in the prevention field involved: Dr. Karen Randall, Dr. Eric Roberts, Dr. Ken Finn, Dr. Chris Rogers, and Aubree Adams. Others generously contributed videos: Dr. Roneet Lev with her High Truths Podcast, Dr. Larry Mellick, Allie B., La’Fonna Pocheco. When I posted the video on Twitter, I tagged our former Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams. He was the first to give it a LIKE. Honestly, I am a big fan of his and that LIKE made me pretty happy. I took a screenshot to memorialize it. Watch the video here.