Legal Retail Pot Coming to Your Town? What Can You Do?

Scott Chipman from Americans Against the Legalization of Marijuana, or AALM, and I did a workshop together. We presented the data showing an increase in youth use when a local jurisdiction allows legal marijuana retail. Scott gave a history of legal marijuana in California. Then I went on to talk about what can be done as a local activist.

This is a battle I have been fighting in my own city. A marijuana business is working to overturn our ban on pot shops. It’s been rough, frankly, and I was glad to have a venue to describe the challenges. I knew nothing about local politics when it all began, and now I’ve learned a few things about what you can do to put up a resistance to a well-funded addiction industry coming to your town. The entire two-day event was recorded. To register to watch the conference, go here.

This was the 2nd year I had the distinguished honor to speak for the Teaching Cannabis Awareness and Prevention Conference.  Co-Chairs Ira Sachnoff, MA, and Bonnie Halpern, PhD, run this terrific conference hosted by Stanford Education. Last year I spoke about how A Night In Jail can be used for youth prevention education. I produced a video for this conference which can be found, broken down into 3 short videos, on our homepage (scroll down to middle of page).