Judging Meghan Podcast: Discussion About Overturning Our Ban on Pot Shops

Meghan Judge Melendez has a great podcast where she talks about painful issues. She wants to bring them out into the open and give people hope that things can get better. She knows because it was tough for her at a few points in her own life. As it turns out, Meghan also happens to be my neighbor—yet, I was introduced to her through a mutual friend from Northern California. Meghan is concerned about normalizing a drug in our community, especially because it can cause so much harm to children. She invited me on along with Carolyn Petty, a former council member, who has been working with me in Hermosa Beach to resist pot shops from coming in and changing our community. Meghan led a fascinating discussion about the initiative to overturn our local ban on legal marijuana. I learn a lot from Carolyn, who is extremely knowledgeable about local politics, laws, and municipal codes. Listen on iTunes (subscribe and leave a review). Watch on youtube (like and subscribe)!