An Easy-to-Use Tool to Check for Marijuana and/or Fentanyl

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My brother and I made a lot of bad decisions as teenagers. One of them was to use marijuana. We both thought it was harmless. Then I had psychosis from it. After that, I rarely used it because it scared me so much. My brother liked the “fun house” feeling it gave him and he used it regularly. He has schizophrenia.

Each kid gets one brain. Because of the stage of their brains’ development, youth aren’t able to understand the consequences of the decisions they’re making. 

Today, marijuana products are many times stronger.  Because of this, the mental health problems are more acute and we don’t understand the long-term risks. To make the situation worse, many marijuana products are extremely easy to conceal and also made to look like makeup, candy, inhalers, lip balm, etc. How can a parent protect their own child? Verifique created a very easy-to-use tool. 

This product can help a parent save their child from bad choices. It would have been good for my parents to understand what was going on right under their noses. They could have helped my brother before it was too late.