Why Aren’t Our Lawmakers Being Honest About THC Risks?

A friend of mine sent me this screenshot. It made me laugh. I never would have imagined I’d be juxtaposed with Senator Schumer–ever. What an honor. That said, the topic is not funny and I demand our lawmakers stop making light of legalization. Whatever position a person has on it, the truth about the effects of legalization must be understood. From increased youth use to the misinformation about today’s ultra high potency THC products, to the increase of psychosis and schizophrenia (for all ages), homelessness, and the harms to our environment. All of these topics are discussed with accompanying data. Thank you to Fox.com and Teny Sahakian for their excellent work and for giving me the opportunity to speak to their audience. To see the full article, go here:
Cannabis-induced psychosis: Amid push for legalization, sister says brother ‘was lost to us for a decade’