What Teen Athletes Need to Know About Drugs

This is an 80-second highlight video of a groundbreaking webinar for teen athletes. In it, see speakers from professional sports discuss the truth about drugs and athletic performance.

Keynote Speaker- Darren Prince, a celebrity and sports agent, Dr. Ken Finn and Dr. Stephen Taylor of the NBA. Cosponsored by Behavioral Health Services (a contractor for Los Angeles County Substance Abuse Prevention and Control).

A large percentage of our youth today think some drugs are harmless and “healthy.” Some even claim a drug is not a “drug” because it is “natural.”  Our panel dispels these myths. Teen athletes must protect their brains and bodies to go on to be successful athletes.

Below, is the full webinar. To watch individual presentations scroll down the page.

Darren Prince Presentation

Dr. Ken Finn Presentation

Dr. Stephen Taylor Presentation

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