Honored to Have Dr. Christine L. Miller as Science Advisor

Dr. Christine Miller has been our supporter from the very beginning. She has greatly honored us by advising us with our new Toolkit (education materials).

Dr. Miller received her B.S. degree in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the Neuroscience Training Program at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. She devoted her academic career in the laboratory to researching neurobiological mechanisms that underlie psychotic disorders. Her direct clinical experience was limited to attending Grand Rounds and weekly schizophrenia workgroups while on faculty at Johns Hopkins University, yet her knowledge of the clinical literature is quite extensive. Now retired from academia, she volunteers her time as a science advisor for Smart Approaches to Marijuana www.learnaboutsam.org and Moms Strong www.momsstrong.org , educating the general public and legislators about the causal link between marijuana use and serious mental health impacts, including psychosis and suicide. Dr. Miller has continued to author scientific papers and reviews, most recently book chapters entitled “The Impacts of Marijuana on Mental Health”, published by Oxford University Press in 2018 and “Marijuana and Suicide: Case-control Studies, Population Data, and Potential Neurochemical Mechanisms”, to be published by Springer Press in 2020.