Staged Reading of A Night In Jail a Smashing Success!

Staged reading of A Night In Jail

The staged reading went so well the actors received a standing ovation! They gave it their ALL. Stephen Lang gave a performance which was painstakingly real–almost too painful to watch while still landing the punch lines. Jamie Landau was the perfect Danny: scared, smug and sarcastic. Karen  Gregan read the stage directions like a pro. Playing a variety of characters were the fantabulous actors Jess Moss and Cooper Ramsey. In response to this talented ensemble, the audience laughed at all the right times and was surprised and hushed as the actors turned the wheels of the story. They were my dream cast. All of them.

A Night In Jail Panel Discussion

Directly following the reading we had a panel discussion about the association of teen substance use (MJ in particular) and its association to mental illness. Three of these panelists have great significance to me, personally. Lori Robinson of has been a champion of mine since we published the book. She printed the first article I wrote on her site, and she also . Dr. Miller is a neuroscientist and schizophrenia researcher. Her work was part of the inspiration for me wanting to share my brother’s story. A third panelist, Jess Moss, and I met at a prevention meeting. I discovered she was an actress from Seattle (where the story is set) and that she is in recovery. We started a conversation which led to this reading! Lastly, Dr. Hanlon represented Clear Recovery very well.

If you missed the event, no worries. See the full panel discussion here!