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“One day, marijuana is going to be legalized and this ‘punishment’ will all be for nothing.”

Grateful to receive this rating from the terrific book review site–Underrated Reads! At Underrated Reads, they seek out “literary gems” that don’t have the same exposure as books which are traditionally published. We really appreciate this kind review!

A NIGHT IN JAIL: A story about drugs and mental illness, inspired by true events – H.A. Swan, K. Anderson
Posted on February 20, 2018 by J D Jung
(Reviewed by JD Jung)

Yes, getting pulled over while high was the first “Reality Rush”. The second one came when his parents refused to bail him out. Eighteen year- old Danny had plans to become a lawyer. Now, he’s sitting in jail with Captain, a delusional, drug-addicted, homeless man.

In his twenty-four hour stint in jail, we learn a lot about Danny‘s life as he reminisces in between Captain’s rants. Danny wondered what kind of family Captain came from; that is, how did he wind up homeless and so boring? Yes, Danny thinks he is “boring” because “Captain’s life is all about hustling money to get high.“

A Night in Jail is not a “scared-straight” story. At barely one hundred pages, it’s a riveting tale based on true events. Readers will be hooked at every page until the surprise ending.

Most importantly, it’s daring enough to bring up a topic that very few will discuss: the effects of marijuana use on those with a predisposition to mental illness. A family history of mental illness is often unknown and I personally know those who didn’t see links until tragedy struck.

For that reason I encourage adults to read this, no matter what their views are on legalizing drugs. Then I think that they will want their teen and pre-teenage kids to read it also. It will open up an engaging discussion for both adults and children.

And remember, it’s a captivating story also.